Why should I own a web development business

An internet / web business is arguably the World's best business opportunity!

Web development is a multi-billion Dollar industry with an estimated global growth rate of 20% per year. There are more than 100 Million domain names worldwide with an estimated growth rate of 1 Million every month.

Everybody needs a website! The market is HUGE which makes the potential as big. Simply stated this is a credible business opportunity with serious revenue potential. In this day and age nobody thinks about starting a business without having a website.

DIY web development tools litter the internet, as do web developers with little or no experience. Most business owners acknowledge that the best way to differentiate themselves is to ensure that their website is world-class. To achieve this they realise they need the services of a professional web developer. This is where BOLT CMS plays a pivotal role.

Need we say more about this opportunity?

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