Features of the Reseller Program:

  1. Easy to use system. Joomla and Wordpress look like ancient hieroglyphics in comparison.
  2. Modular components allow easy extension
  3. Full support of sales materials and templates
  4. Allows you to upsell into your existing accounts
  5. Help Desk and telephonic support for you and your clients.

Features of the System:
BOLT CMS comprises a number of modules of functionality; each of which has its own set of admin functions.

The system currently comprises the following main modules:

Page & Content Management



Galleries (image, Audio, Video)

Client Testimonies

Banner / Advert management

Subscription Management

E-Commerce (complete product & order management)

Bulk communication (email & SMS)

Custom Form Builder

Fully customisable xml data structure for custom development

The system is constantly being enhanced - check back for regular updates.

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