How do I become a Reseller?
Complete the interest form on the right of the screen and we will contact you directly to discuss the details.

Is there a fee to become a Reseller?

Do I have to sign a contract?
There is a reseller agreement to sign. This protects the relationship between parties..

Who "owns" the client?
The client is owned by the agency. BOLT CMS is effectively your platform to engage with your client. We will always bill the agency and will not engage with the client.

What happens if our relationship sours?
In the unlikely event of this happening, all the content of the sites will be available for you to take to another supplier. Naturally the code base will not be part of the severance arrangements.

What happens to my clients if I move suppliers or close down?
If you change suppliers:
If you change suppliers you will need to reconstruct the respective sites on the new platform. Again, all the content of the sites will be available for you to take to another supplier.

If you close down:
If you close down we will continue to run your clients’ sites. We will provide all administration, inclusive of invoicing and will continue to pay you your annuity income for the lifespan of the client relationship.

Do I own the code?
No. BOLT CMS is a proprietary system. You own the design files and content but not the source code. To commission the development of source code for a system such as this would cost hundreds of thousands of rands..

Do I have to achieve sales targets?
No you do not. As there is no fee to become a reseller we do not insist on achieving sales targets. Naturally the more you sell the better it is for everyone concerned.

How do I generate income?
There are a number of ways to generate income.
1.  Mark-up the cost of the development. This is the easiest source of revenue as there is ample margin for profit
2. Provide the design services and then charge the client directly
3. Charge for the capture of content
4. Charge for copywriting
5. Charge for monthly content management
6. SEO
7. SEM

What kind of margins are in the sale?
BOLT CMS will be sold to the agency for a standard fee (project and license fees). The agency will get a rebate of 66% and 30% respectively. The BOLT CMS product will be sold by the agency as part of a larger product offering and this solution and price point will be determined by the agency.

What do I need to provide you?
All we need from you is a signed Reseller Agreement to start with. Once the agreement is in place we just need a design brief per site.

How quickly can a site turn-around?
In theory a site should be available within a week but there are practical issues that invariably slow the process down. Factors that can affect the turn-around time of a site include:

  1. Client taking time to decide on design concept/s
  2. Lack of available content. This can be overcome by limiting the service to infrastructure development with content being a separate line item
  3. Custom development
  4. Client scope creep
  5. Studio lead time
We recommend allowing for a two-week turnaround on standard sites

What documentation do you provide?
  1. Template proposal
  2. Terms & Conditions
  3. Product Introduction
  4. Reseller Information
Do I have to be a Value Added Reseller or can I just sell sites?
No you do not. You may elect to only sell websites and not add additional value to the service but you will be leaving a substantial amount of money on the table.

Will your branding be on each site?
Yes. The site will include "Website developed by ~your name~ as well as "CMS powered by” and the BOLT logo.

What kind of support do you provide?
We provide a dedicated help-desk; our developers are on hand to attend to code issues and we have a project management system that helps to track work.

Do you have reference accounts?
We have a number of happy clients. Please contact us for more details.

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