Who is the Reseller Program aimed at

Marketing Services Companies
Extend  your services by offering web development as a complement to all the other services you provide. If you are in any form of marketing related business you will be in contact with someone who needs a website - everyone does! The BOLT Reseller program affords you the luxury of having your own virtual web development business without any of the infrastructure costs and headaches.

As a Reseller you can market the services as your own, promote your own brand, and offer your clients a World Class solution that is constantly enhanced and supported.

All you need to do is find the clients, get paid, get the recognition and BOLT does the work for you.

Web Developers / Online Software Providers

Unless you have a full sales, admin, support and implementation team it is extremely difficult to market your services AND do enough development to survive. The BOLT Reseller Program allows you to extend your client base, provide services that are your core skill, extend your revenue stream, and the development is already there for you! This translates into massive time savings and frees you up to focus on your clients and building your business.

As a VAR you will be offering web development as part of a broader set of services. It may be the ONLY service you offer which is fine but most VARs incorporate web development into a strategy and set of services that may include:

  1. Copywriting
  2. Content insertion
  3. SEO
  4. SEM
  5. Monthly content administration
  6. Design work
The revenue from these services is YOURS!

Become A Reseller!

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